Process Solutions and R&D Centre


Having built, commissioned, and operated several chemical plants within our group over the last 70 years, we are uniquely poised to understand your process challenges. Our engineering expertise is further bolstered by our unrivalled infrastructure for pilot trials, scale-up and testing.

Pilot Plant

We have a fully equipped pilot plant where accurate & extensive product performance simulation can be carried out. Our Infrastructure includes the following:

  • Reactors: Glass Lined, Hastelloy® and SS316 – 500L to 2500L
  • Autoclaves: 5L to 600L – Upto 100 bar working pressure
  • Proprietary Equipment: Loop Reactor, Melt Crystallizer & Shearing Blade Autoclave
  • Distillation System: With high vacuum and reflux arrangement
  • Agitated Nutsche Filter-Dryers: SS316 and Hastelloy® – 40L to 100L Capacity
  • Rotary Vacuum Paddle Dryers: 50L to 400L Capacity
  • Utilities: Cooling Tower, Chilling Plant, Steam, Hot Water, Vacuum etc.
  • R&D and Analytical Lab: With HPLC, GC, Spectrophotometry etc.
  • Plant automation with DCS and online monitoring system

Trial Equipment

We also offer ANFDs and RVPDs for pilot trials at the customer’s site. The trial machines are:

  • Skid Mounted and Portable
  • With Receiver, Condensor and Piping
  • Onboard Vacuum pump

We urge our customers to use these conveniently packaged equipment to help them determine the ideal equipment specifications for their application.