About Us

About Us

Get to know us, our history and our evolution from chemicals to excellence in engineering.


HLE Glascoat Limited is a leading manufacturer of process equipment for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

We are market leaders in Filtration and Drying Equipment and are a leading manufacturer of Glass Lined Equipment globally. We manufacture a wide range of chemical processing equipment in an equally wide range of materials for some of the most demanding applications.

Over the last 40 years, our consistently high quality, and our commitment to solving our customers’ unique process requirements has helped us build a solid reputation as a preferred supplier of process equipment.

HLE Glascoat Limited is a part of the Patel Group of Companies founded in 1951 by Late Dr. Khushalbhai H. Patel.


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Evolution of HLE Glascoat

HLE Engineers Pvt. Ltd. (HLE) was established in the year 1981. Over the years, HLE emerged as the leading manufacturer of filtration and drying equipment in India and globally.

In 2017, HLE acquired a controlling stake in Swiss Glascoat Equipments Limited (Glascoat). Glascoat, which was established in the year 1991, was a leading manufacturer of glass lined equipment at the time.

In 2019, the operating businesses of HLE and Glascoat were integrated via a scheme of arrangement and the resulting company was renamed ‘HLE Glascoat Limited’.

From Chemicals to Excellence in Engineering

The first brick in the foundation of the Patel Group dates back to 1951, laid by late Dr. Khushalbhai H. Patel.

‘Indosal Chemicals’, founded by Dr. Patel in 1951 pioneered the manufacturing of Salicylic Acid in India. This was followed by the founding of ‘Chemical Development and Construction Corporation’ (CDCC) in the year 1960, a firm dedicated to manufacturing Chemical Plants and Process Equipment.

Over the last 70 years, the Group has expanded its horizons and today is a well-known name in the Chemical Manufacturing and Process Equipment industries. The Group is one of the leading manufacturers of Benzene and Naphthalene based compounds and is a market leader in Filtration and Drying Equipment in the country. Across all its verticals, the group is a preferred supplier to marquee clients and reputed multinational corporations.

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